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Recruitment & Retention
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Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment & Retention

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 Sourcing key strategies for employee recruitment and retention (or engagement) to the CLAN membership. 
 Providing an active forum by which CLAN members can provide commentary, evaluation and experiences in employee engagement.
 Investigate, dialogue and relate information on employee engagement to the CLAN board of directors, along with related recommendations.  This group will work with the CLAN board of directors to release information to the CLAN membership which is objective,...

 Engagement Strategies

Creating Engaging Employment To Enhance RetentionUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).


Introduction_CLANBC_Recruitment.pdfIntroduction_CLANBC_RecruitmentErnie Baatz
Introducing_the_CLAN_Recruitment_and_Retention_Group.docIntroducing_the_CLAN_Recruitment_and_Retention_GroupMichael Herbus
FactSheet1_6.pdfFactSheet1_6Ernie Baatz


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